A message from Peter Blackburn

In collaboration with SceneWorkout and Bitten By Productions, among others, it is of great importance for me as a newly independent coach and long-time independent artist to foster community of genuine connections with other individuals and artists working in the many spaces that comprise the Melbourne, Australian and world-wide theatre and film communities. For too long it has felt that one needs to be a part of an institution to have information or access to what our community has long held sacred: to the work of great artists or teachers, the sense of community and belonging that can help sustain self-sufficiency as an independent artist, connections to other like-minded artists and ways to build ensembles comprising the many different artists required to make collaborative art. PB Actor Coaching & Directing is part of a movement to create the pathways and offer authentic advice on individuals and companies providing great services and products without need of financial reciprocity or by belonging to already elite institutions. I believe that great artists need not fear other artists, but that generosity and authenticity is its own reward; one that repays – if it does at all – in surprising ways, not sought nor expected, but come as a by-product of being in service of art as a resource bountiful and selfless. This year, I urge other artists to participate in this concept of paying-it- forward: recommending for other artists services and productions and fellow artists in a spirit of giving to the community and not in self-service. 2020 taught me that through such acts of generosity, kindness and like-mindedness do wounds heal, art continues to be fecund and surprising, and community thrives in unexpected ways.

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