PB Actor Coaching & Directing was founded by Peter Blackburn in 2021 after firmly establishing himself as a highly regarded acting teacher, theatre maker and film director.

After 30+ theatre, film, web series and podcast productions, as well as decades' long teaching experience in elite institutions such as the VCA, NIDA and The National Theatre Drama School, Peter made the decision to make his practise available to the widest possible community of artists for the first time.

He works with a range of artists, including highly-trained and experienced professional actors, to artists new to the industry, and any actor wherever they may be on their journey. Peter’s approach is ideal for individuals wishing to engage with their passions, to make it enjoyable and challenging; a journey of self-discovery by honouring the work as always being bigger than ourselves.

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Peter Blackburn is a prolific, award-winning director, teacher, coach, theatre and filmmaker renowned in the Australian scene. His remarkable expertise sees him oscillating between directing for screen, stage and multimedia, while also coaching and teaching professional and emerging talents within the industry at home and abroad. Peter has worked alongside, been mentored by and taught by some of the world’s most spectacular industry minds – including Larry Moss, Noni Hazlehurst, Ellen Burstyn, Peter Evans, Mike Alfreds, Rob Marchand, Rena Owen, Kim Farrant, Cameron Daddo, Matt Scholten and many, many more. He has taught at leading institutions including NIDA, VCA, 16th Street, The National Theatre Drama School and DHPC. His work is breathtaking, his actors love him, his perspective and insight on the industry and the craft are unmatched and, what is not always a given; he really knows his stuff. 

Peter holds a Masters of Directing from the Victorian College of the Arts (MelbourneUniversity) as well as a teaching Degree from UNE and tertiary degrees in English Literature and Film (UNSW). He was a recipient of the prestigious Mike Walsh Fellowship for Directing through NIDA in 2019. After collaborating with renowned acting coach Larry Moss on ‘Holding the Man’ in 2014, Peter has worked in Los Angeles with the Australian Theatre Company on a number of occasions. His staging of Brendan Cowell’s ‘Ruben Guthrie’ for the company in 2016 won the L.A. Scene Award for Best Comedy, Best Director and Best Ensemble (among others). Having worked in some capacity in the Arts for nearly three decades, Peter has contributed to upwards of 30+ productions as director, dramaturge, actor and/or writer since 2010.

In 2021 he founded PB Actor Coaching & Directing to focus on independent artists’ self-sufficiency and agency, and, along with SceneWorkout and Bitten By Productions, is determined to create a space for Independent Communities – a collection of artists and companies unaffiliated to any governing body or in thrall of any particular approach or institution, but who nevertheless seek to assist, guide and reach other independent artists find their potential and move beyond what they thought possible.



“PB Actor Coaching & Directing is a space to allow for like-minded professionals to learn from and work with one another. I’m not longer restricted by the access of institutions or productions, and I excited to open my practice to actors and creatives who wish to continue with a journey of discovery or find it anew. Many of the artists and collaborators I have worked with  in the past  sought ways to nurture further collaborations: to employ my services as a coach, dramaturge, or to direct more plays for their companies - but such potential is limited to the very determined or very privileged. Until now I had no way to provide formal training or collaboration to artists in an ongoing capacity."

"While I embark on this new venture, it’s important to acknowledge and show gratitude to the incredible privileges I have had and move on from them to my own space. From sharing Larry Moss’ masterclasses, to being his assisting director in LA on a major independent production; from honing my craft by teaching actors alongside Noni Hazlehurst and have her nurture the director in me; to thank the VCA not only for the Masters I earned under the tutelage of some of the finest minds in our country, but for allowing me a space to teach the next generation in their world-renowned 3-year Acting Program; to thank Peter Evans for sharing in his directorial debut as solo Artistic Director of Bell Shakespeare by my appointment as Assistant Director on his acclaimed Romeo and Juliet in 2016; and to acknowledge NIDA for not only the countless classes I was able to teach over the many years, but for being awarded a Mike Walsh Fellowship for Directing in 2019."

"All these and many more experiences have been essential to my growth and confidence as the artist and teacher I am. But this support has led me, finally, to stand on my own.”

 - Peter Blackburn